Strategies for Increasing Average Invoices

Professional Sports Keeps Stats on Everything for a Reason

  • The more seriously you take your tracking efforts, the more seriously everyone takes their performance.
  • The more seriously you take your company’s performance numbers, the more profitable you will become. And the quicker you will get there!

Many service companies struggle when it comes to truly maximizing every opportunity.  Most companies believe that in order to increase revenue they just need more calls.  This can happen, but more importantly is maximizing the calls they already have.  There are several key factors to make this happen and increase your bottom line dramatically by using MyServiceTracker.

1.  Train your technicians to slow down.  This is easier said than done because the dispatcher is responsible to clear the board every day and the technician is responsible to maximize every call.  However, when technicians slow down, they and the client feel less rushed, and have time to build a relationship of trust.

2. Train your technicians to ask better questions.  Too many technicians only ask technical question and miss the life-enhancement questions that increase upsells such as replacements and upgrades, leading to increased profit tickets.

3.  Train your technicians to offer options.  Once technicians slow down and ask quality questions the client will give more information to help the technician give better options.  When it comes to client making buying decisions they appreciate multiple options, usually 3 (Good, Better, Best)  This isn’t about being a pushy salesperson.  This is simply offering potential solutions for a clients situation, then allowing them to make an educated decision based on the options presented to them by MyServiceTracker.

4.  Train your technicians to make a great presentation.  We all understand that technicians receive 90% of their training on how to diagnose and repair.  They receive little to no training in how to make an effective presentation.  Training your technicians to use an option sheet effectively allows the client to see and understand their options.  If it is not in writing it is not real..

5.  Call by call management.  The days of dispatching by area are over.  Dispatching for profits requires that you send the right technician for the right job.  To use a baseball analogy you are not going to send your pitcher to the plate when the game is tied in the bottom of the ninth just because he happens to be closer.  Baseball utilizes statistics, (key performance indicators) to make sure they have the right player in the right place at the right time.  In order for call by call management to work, depending on your company size, you or your operations manager, must understand each technicians strengths and weaknesses.  This requires time to study who is good at what.  The best way to do this is to see every invoice every day and analyze key performance indicators, then dispatch accordingly.

6.  The MOST important factor and the key to tying all these together is to track each technicians progress and motivate to reach Key Performance Indicators.  Good technicians want to improve, understand their progress, and understand how to reach their financial goals.  Many companies make the mistake of offering technicians raises based on time served.  Profitable companies with motivated technicians offer raises based on measurable Key Performance Indicators.  Also, once a person’s needs are met, money is not the most important motivator.  Being recognized and appreciated for a great job is a huge motivator.  How can you do this if we do not track and understand each technicians effectiveness and recognize them accordingly, then use proper training to help them improve where needed…    

In my 20 years of business I have spent thousands of hours analyzing numbers.  I used to do this with a calculator, pen, and dry erase boards.  Then I graduated to an excel spreadsheet and a training room full of dry erase boards with different indicators on each board.  This took so much of my time that I rarely had time to actually implement new ideas.  However, the dry erase boards were effective.  Our technicians liked knowing the results of their work.  They liked competing with each other and knowing how they compared to their co-workers.  This resulted in better paid, happier technicians and a more profitable company.  We were maximizing our calls.  

Over the last 4 years I have been working on a better, faster way to get these results.  Instead of 3-6 hours a day of analyzing numbers you can know do it, depending on your company size,  in 30-60 minutes.  I have developed a web based, key performance indicator program that can tell you anything you want to know about your service business.  The program separates everything by technician, company, maintenance agreements, average upsell service, average upsell product, recalls, revenue, home warranties, property management etc…  You name it, it tracks it.  You can view these numbers through reports, print them in pdf, word, or excel and present them to your technicians on a regular business and watch their efficiency double with your profits.