5 Keys to 20% Profit Plus

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Define What are the most important Key Performance Indicators in your business? At some point, someone in baseball, basketball, or whatever your favorite sport is had to analyze and implement this. MyServiceTracker with almost 100 years in combined contracting experience has done this for you. Its tried and proven and even your technicians will like it.

Analyze Throw away the dry erase boards and spreadsheets and get into this era. This is the era of information being at your finger tips. Have all your Key Performance Indicators in easy to read reports with common sense numbers available anytime, anywhere..

Solve We can’t do everything for you. At this point you need to use our reports to solve the issues that are keeping you up at night. What we can tell you is with MyServiceTracker you will know who is who in your business. You will know who are your “can dos” and who needs more training.

Implement Take the common sense reports that you have and are not based on opinions and rumors and train, train, train. With your reports you will know exactly what you need to train on. The key to growth is knowing where the company/technicians are and help them get to where you/they want to be.

Review Regular meetings showing your technicians their performance compared to their co-workers is a huge motivator. Let your performers shine and be recognized and they will help you train and educate the up-and-comers.

Regular meeting goings over real numbers and key performance indicators is the key to growth. That’s the company and your teams growth.

Help everyone reach their potential with business self awareness through “Key Performance Indicators.”

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Our Dual-Track Guarantee:

Our Dual-Track Guarantee assures that you get everything you want out of MST. That includes a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, and a 1-Year Performance Guarantee. Here’s how each of those works:

  • 60-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Try the MST system out for 60 days. If at any point you don’t like it for any reason, or no reason at all, just tell us and we’ll refund all your money, no questions asked.
  • You have to be completed satisfied it’s delivering everything you hoped it would, or we don’t want to keep your money.
One Year Performance Guarantee:
  • For up to one full year, you will be making at least 10 times what you paid for the system in additional REVENUE … And your business will be easier to manage, or we’ll cheerfully return your entire subscription cost all the way back to Day 1.
  • Just show us your usage reports, and if your new-found revenue falls one penny short of 10-X, we’ll promptly refund all your money.
  • We ask you to commit to trying it for one full year (* if you’re not serious, don’t start).

It’s that simple! And we’re that sure it will work for you.