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MyServiceTracker was founded in 2011 by Shon Mitchell. who developed a successful methodology to make his contracting business more profitable – so much more profitable that his profit margin rose from 2% to over 20% on average.

Looking for a solution to customize and automate his system, he discovered nothing available in the marketplace, so he decided to create one. MyServiceTracker is now available as a tool to help other contracting firms do what he did – go from amateur to professional with standout profits.

An exceptional tool, MyServiceTracker allows you to foster greater competition within your own firm to drive up profits and performance without creating adversarial competition with other contracting enterprises. It’s just a better way to do business, rolled up into a convenient and secure online platform where you can access your account anytime.

Your technicians want to know if they are improving.  They are looking for a tracking system that they believe in that rates them based on performance.  They do not want to be micromanaged with billable time, travel time, and other indicators that they do not always have control over.  MyServiceTracker’s Key Performance Indicators are completely in their hands.  They can only point the finger at themselves which leads to personal responsibility in their job performance. 

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